Translate English to Spanish

Investigate these two sentences – one of them contains an oversight:

Para girar a la derecha.

Para girar derecho.

Both Spanish words a la derecha and derecho signify translation from english to spanish in English doesn’t mean they’re exchangeable. The two words are completely extraordinary words with implications – in any event to the Spanish speaker – that aren’t the same by any means.


There are part of words in Spanish that has single word in English yet have somewhat unique significance in Spanish. So recollect the cardinal lead of interpretation when you’re deciphering from the English: interpret significance, not words.

Preguntar or Pedir or invitar

These three Spanish words convert into the English word “to inquire”. Preguntar is the requesting data or something to that affect. Pedir is to request that somebody accomplish something. Invitar is to request that some individual lunch. Illustrations are:

I inquired as to whether she had concentrated the lesson. – Pregunté si había estudiado la lección.


She requested a blue auto – Pidio un coche azul

I approached them for supper – les welcome a cenar

Derecho or a la Derecha or Tener Razon

Three of these Spanish words convert into English word “right”. The word derecho implies you have a directly under the law. a la derecha is to make a correct turn (not to be mistaken for “derecho” which is utilized to state ‘straight ahead’). Tener razon is to state somebody is great they are right. Illustrations are

Human rights – derechos humanos.


Look to the correct side of your screen – Mira a la derecha de tu pantalla.

The client is constantly right – El cliente siempre tiene razon.

Saber or Concer

Both of this Spanish word converts into English with the verb “to know.” But saber is utilized as a part of the setting of knowing data or thoughts. Then again, conocer is utilized as a part of the setting of knowing a man or a place.


He doesn’t know any arithmetic – Ei no sabe nothing de matematicas.

You know San Francisco truly well. – Conoces bien San Francisco.

Perder or Extranar


Both convert into the English word “to miss”. Translate English to Spanish is utilized when you as of now have lost something or somebody. While, extranar is the point at which you miss somebody on the grounds that is in an outing, live far from you, and so forth


They have effectively missed it – Ya lo han perdidio.

I miss you a great deal. – Te extrano mucho.


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